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C45 carbon steel bar is a type of medium carbon steel bar with a carbon content ranging from 0.42% to 0.50%. Compared to low carbon steel, it has a higher carbon content. This increased carbon content enhances its hardness and strength, making it highly suitable for applications that require high mechanical performance.

C45 is a high-strength medium carbon high-quality steel specified in the European standard EN 10083-2. Known for its excellent mechanical properties and extensive applications.

C45 carbon steel coil is a high-quality medium carbon high strength steel known for its excellent mechanical properties and wide range of applications. It is made from an iron alloy with a higher carbon content to provide increased strength and wear resistance.

C45 grade steel is a medium carbon steel offering moderate tensile strengths. Machinability similar to that of mild steel can be expected, however weldability is reduced. C45 carbon steel plate possesses excellent strength and wear resistance.

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