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Category List: "Galvanized Steel Coil"

The Z275 designation indicates a thicker and denser zinc coating compared to Z100. with a zinc coating weight of 275 grams per square meter.

Z100 galvanized coil refers to a type of steel coil that has undergone a hot-dip galvanization process with a zinc coating weight of 100 grams per square meter.

The SGHC designation refers to a specific type of galvanized steel coil. SGHC stands for “Standard Galvanized High-Strength Steel.”

S350GD/S450GD is a grade of galvanized steel plate or steel material defined according to the European standard EN 10346.

SGCC galvanized steel coil is a common hot dip galvanized steel coil product. SGCC represents the variety of its materials and is also one of the rating standards for steel. Hot dip galvanized steel coils are steel products that are immersed in molten zinc and undergo a series of treatment processes to form a zinc coating on their surface.

DX51D refers to the coating quality of the galvanized steel coil. The “D” represents the deep drawing quality, indicating that the steel is suitable for deep drawing applications. The “X” indicates that the steel is continuous hot-dip galvanized. The number “51” indicates the minimum yield strength of the steel, which is 51,000 psi or 355 MPa.

Galvanized steel coil is a type of steel coil coated with a layer of zinc to enhance its corrosion resistance. The Hot-dip galvanization process forms a durable and protective zinc coating on the steel surface, which is suitable for applications in humid and corrosive environments

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