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Category List: "Aluminum Profile"

Aluminum architectural profiles are specialized extruded aluminum profiles designed specifically for architectural applications. These profiles offer versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice in the construction industry.

Aluminum customized profiles refer to customized extruded shapes made from aluminum. These profiles are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique requirements and specifications of a particular project or application.

Aluminum Square Bars are available in a wide variety of dimensions. Aluminum alloy has lightweight, excellent electrical conductivity, and high corrosion resistance, which makes it a good material for applications in aerospace, construction, handles, and medical equipment.

Aluminum angle bar, also known as an aluminum angle profile or aluminum L-profile, is a structural aluminum extrusion with an L-shaped cross-section. It features two perpendicular legs that form a 90-degree angle. Aluminum angle bars are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and various applications where strength, rigidity, and corrosion resistance are required.

Aluminum channel, also known as aluminum U-channel or aluminum C-channel, is a type of extruded aluminum profile that has a U-shaped cross-section. It is commonly used for structural and framing applications, providing strength, support, and versatility in various industries.

Aluminum Discs are made from very high-quality raw material that ensures high durability for users.An aluminum disc, also known as an aluminum round blank or aluminum circle, is a flat, circular piece of aluminum that is typically used as a raw material for various applications.

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